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About Me

My Background


Being an artist has been a lifelong desire. Unfortunately, that desire was waylaid through the years with working and raising a family.   Upon retirement and after much soul searching sided with prayer, I made the decision to stir up the long dormant God-given desire to be an artist. My mission and goal?  To let my Creator show me what He’s given me as far as artistic talent. 

My Medium


I call myself an “art adventurer”. I love exploring different mediums and techniques. As a result, I have worked in encaustic, watercolor, pastel, graphite, acrylic, and more. However, I always seem to find my way back to encaustic art. 

My Inspiration


My faith and belief in God is my inspiration. After some initial frustration, I realized that God was not looking for perfection. He was looking for a “yes”. I had to get past the mindset that “I wasn’t good enough” or that I wasn’t a “real” artist. I had to stop comparing myself to others. Sometimes, I still have to remind myself that His “voice” is the only one that matters and His opinion is the only one that counts.

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